Good design that works well?

That's just my cup of tea.

Examples of what I do

Examples of what I do


Easy to use and easy to manage websites for companies, community groups and local government.


Attractive, tactile and effective brochures that stand out from the crowd.

Publicity Materials

Leaflets, fliers, posters and large format signs for events and fundraising.


Logos and style guides to help get the message across consistently and memorably.


For many years I was involved in producing pantomimes performed by foreign language students. At various times I wrote the scripts, produced props, created backdrops, sewed dresses, arranged the music, built the stage, made the curtains, designed the posters and rigged up the lighting. Oh, and I appeared on stage a few times too…


I don’t get much time to travel, but when I do I like to let the train take the strain and watch the scenery go by.
Preferably from a table in the restaurant car.

Pages from the past

See some really old pages from back in the day.

Lavatorial Links

The Willls Hall Loo Sheet

The old lavatory-based newsletter from Wills Hall at the University of Bristol.

The Virtual Lavatory

Fascinating information about the history and workings of the WC