I never set out to be a designer: I was extremely lucky to become one.

I have taken an interest in branding and graphic design for as long as I can remember, but the tools available to the amateur were very limited when I was young. I had been used to typewritten text, stencils and Letraset; I discovered scaleable fonts and infinitely flexible page layouts when I used a Macintosh computer for the first time.

According to my teachers I was using the computers all wrong. Why did I insist on making logos for everything? Why did I always change the default fonts as soon as I started a document? Luckily for me, it turned out I was doing it right all along!

When I began work for a language school, I quickly became the ‘go to man’ for leaflets and adverts,  created new signage for the building at a fraction of the cost that had been expected, completely redesigned the welcome packs for students and introduced a standard style for documents for the first time. After a few mad years of juggling logistics and design, a new Design and Communications department was created to handle all the design work for all the company’s schools and marketing staff around the world. I was to be the sole member of the department… and remained a one-man-band until an excellent assistant arrived, 14 crazy months later.

Most of my work has been as a full-time staff designer, but I also offer my services to local businesses and organisations. I’m not limited to ‘flat’ work either: I’ve designed exhibition displays and theatre sets too.


Sometimes websites and e-mails just aren’t enough. I am adept at taking disparate information of varying quality and transforming it into appealing, user-friendly publicity material that stands out from the competition.

The LAL brochure from 2012 was a good example of a luxurious publication that was the envy of the industry.

Event publicity

I enjoy creating eyecatching posters and programmes for events that bring a touch of class to the proceedings. I have produced the materials from save-the-date cards to roadside signage for village events since 2012, and for quite a lot of pantomimes too…


Good branding should be distinctive and easy to apply. I love working with organisations to show how everyone involved can use simple tools to present a coherent face to the world.

Advertising and displays

From adverts the size of a business card to trade fair stands and bus adverts, here is a selection of my other work.

Theatre sets and props

From full sets to pantomime cows, I can create realistic sets and props for drama performances: and, for that matter, for exhibitions and promotions.