A brand is not just having a logo: the colours, fonts, style, tone and ‘feel’ of materials all come together to make a brand, and I love finding ways to integrate even the least significant things to form a seamless brand experience.


Completed at breakneck speed, this branding and these materials for a new ‘Hub’ division of an international group of language schools needed to look smart and modern, and sit alongside existing branding.

The main brand colour of dark blue was chosen to be formal and elegant, with spot gloss highlights radiating from the hub on covers and business cards to add interest and a sense of luxury, but at low cost. The parent brand’s logo is incorporated, and variations of the Hub logo have been supplied to ensure that the parent logo is always upright, even when the Hub logo is rotated.

The key colours, typefaces and red line motif of the parent brand are incorporated as secondary features, with a serif typeface providing a distinctive contrast to the parent company’s usual style.


The Shock Box

When two businesses in Avonwick set up a campaign to raise money for a defibrillator in the village, they wanted a logo. I drew up a series of alternatives, including the final ‘Shock Box’ logo. It incorporates the elements of the standard defibrillator symbol with the campaign name, using green to reference the standard safety colour.

Alongside the logo are posters and a website, and style guidance for use of colours and typography.