Theatre scenery and props

As well as designing publicity materials for drama productions, I have also built sets, designed scenery and made props for stage use. These have ranged from flexible scenery to full box sets, and from fire hose reels to a pantomime cow.
For a recent production of ‘Bunkered’ by Lynn Brittney, I created a realistic set of a cold-war era Naval reconnaissance bunker, complete with equipment, fittings and authentic-looking  ephemera. The Bunkered set was painted with a blockwork texture and featured fake ventilation trunking and a false ‘corridor’, all punctuated with electrical trunking and pipework.
Lynn Brittney’s script called for several practical props, so I created fictitious M.O.D. manuals, a 1990s-style telephone directory, and radio-controlled naval-style battery lanterns that were bright enough to illuminate the whole stage.

...the excellent set, another star of the show.

"We must thank Tristram especially for his amazing attention to detail and ability to fashion almost anything out of wood, metal and scrap and make it look utterly realistic. " SBADS, 2019