Ok, so this is a sideline: but I’m pretty nifty at putting together a half-decent video.

Extreme English

As an April Fool, LAL Torbay decided to promote “Extreme English”, a language course where students would be taught outside the usual classroom. Cue an expedition to set up a ‘classroom’ on a remote rock on Dartmoor…

It’s in the style of the company’s professional videos at the time. And, yes, people were fooled.

Chain Letters

A short video mixing film and stop-frame animation to wish my friends a happy Christmas.

CELTA at LAL Torbay

With one day’s notice, I was asked to “film a CELTA lesson” to promote LAL’s teacher training courses, with a voice-over to be written and added later. I opted instead to interview the teacher and students using carefully chosen questions in order to use their own words to describe the course and experience as illustrated by the video, and adding rostrum shots to footage taken in real lessons. It’s not as polished as I would like, but there was no possibility of any second takes.