Welcome, to this part of my site dedicated to the holiday taken by Simon Maplesden and me to Italy in July 2001.

Simon and I travelled to Italy in 2001, on a cheap package holiday to Sorrento. We found ourselves in an hotel populated entirely by the British Abroad. Happily we were given a room at the centre of the Conca Park Hotel, on the fifth floor, with panoramic views across the bay to Mount Vesuvius- much to the chagrin of some who had paid extra for a balcony and had a view of a cliff face.

Our time was spent avoiding the rest of the guests for as much time as possible, and not taking expensive excursions to famous sights. Nor did we take advantage of tempting evenings of entertainment, where we had been promised such delights as "food-and-music-and-the-Cornetto-song". Instead, we paid next to nothing travelling around by public transport and visiting some of the areas most beautiful and interesting places.

Until I get round to expanding this site, you will be able to get a flavour of the area from the photographs, which now have rudimentary captions. Our wanderings took in Naples (not photographed, since my camera failed to expose one roll of film), the ruined Roman towns of Pompeii and Herculaneum, Mount Faito (but not Mount Vesuvius, eh Simon?) and Sorrento itself.

Would I recommend the area? Certainly. The coastline is beautiful and the historical remains awe-inspiring. The trains run on time, and the cost of living is astoundingly cheap. Simon and I couldn't believe how few Lire we were handing over to visit some of the world's most important places. And one day I might get round to telling you more about them!