Pages from the past

Pages from the Past

So first, a warning: these pages are old.

In fact, some of these pages are, in Internet terms, very old indeed.  The Wills Hall Loo Sheet website was first created in the last century. When there were just over three million websites in the whole world.

The click-and-post world of social media had not yet arrived. Consider that my photos of Italy, from 2001, predate Facebook and Flickr by three years. Pictures were scanned, after waiting a week to get them back from Truprint. Web site creation was laborious, techical and, frankly, tedious. These were the days of hand-coding and FTP-ing all the files to create pretty basic pages.

So forgive the bad layouts, designed for much smaller screens (but not for telephones) and a much slower Internet. And take a step into the past…