Avonwick and North Huish community website

The brief

Update and refresh existing site.

The Avonwick and North Huish community website was set up by a member of the public as a useful resource for the parish. It is now run by the Community Hall Project Committee. The site is hosted on the platform, and needed to be updated to use more modern, mobile-responsive templates and be easier to navigate.

The old site

The original site used fixed-width templates and had a lot of conflicting inline styles. Although the site was a really useful mine of information, the pages were text-heavy and the home page had a lot of information to absorb, with two side bars as well as dense copy in the main body. The site was not mobile-responsive, as it was set up before Create offered this functionality.

The new site

Moving to new mobile esponsive templates was an opportunity to reorganise the content of the site. The content has been organised into fewer sections, and the homepage simplified.

The home page now has only one side bar featuring latest events and notices. Pictorial links have been used to direct visitors to the site content whilst reducing the text content of the home page.

The top menus have been simplified, and a comprehensive footer menu added. Each section has a overview page that describes the sub-pages within.

The colours have been brightened, and modern web fonts introduced to make the site smarter. A new header updating the primrose motif and using playful typography completes the update.