Diptford Village

The brief

Development, design and maintenance.

Whilst working on publicity materials for a new community group in Diptford, I happened to ask if they had a website to link to: no, but they would like one. Thus this website was born, in less than a week to make sure that it was up and running by the time that a set of flyers were delivered!

The site

The site is designed to provide a comprehensive guide to facilities and services in this small Devon village. The logo features the Dipper bird that frequents the river running through the parish, and the colours reflect the rural surroundings.

The home page includes a row of features and short events list, a ‘notice board’ (complete with drawing pins), links to key groups of useful information and a three day weather forecast.

Events added to the site are shown in date order with events next week, this week and today being highlighted. Custom code converts events into Google-friendly enhanced data as well as downloadable calendar files.

The site is mobile responsive and administered through an open source, flat file content management system that allows pages to be edited directly from the front end of the website.

The domain was registered on a Thursday, and the site built over the weekend and launched on the following Monday.