Woodland Barton Farm

The brief

Design and development.

The bed and breakfast owner wanted to update the information and images on their website, and could not do so with their existing site. I replaced their static website with a content-managed site with a mobile-responsive design.

The old site

Woodland Barton Farm’s existing website could not be updated by the owner and used static html pages. Three sets of pages, for viewing on for desktop, phone and tablet, would need to be updated each time any change was made.

Although the site was reasonably attractive and quick to load, it was not particularly user friendly. A splash page with minimal content reduced its search engine visibility. On the desktop and tablet versions of the site, clickable images were used to provide ‘mystery meat’ navigation to more information about the bed and breakfast, much of which was presented as images of text. There was no link to the farm’s online booking facility.

The new site

The new site is designed to present key information about the bed and breakfast on the home page, broken down into clear sections. The visitor can jump to these sections from anywhere in the site through the top menu. There are clear links to further pages, and also to the farm’s online booking facility.

Because the site is small, a traditional database-driven CMS was not the most efficient solution for building the site. Instead, the site has been built using a lightweight content management system that allows the owner to update the pages and add new pages as they require through a simple front-end editor, whilst delivering fast page loading times.
The website uses bespoke templates based on the Bootstrap framework.